Caliterra Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Now I’m off camera, now I’m on camera. Okay folks, this is something else, okay? You know I taste a lot of wines, they come through here, I taste it, taste it, taste it. There’s a lot of junk and then something really strikes me as really good, and then there’s not enough for the club, the general population, but I want to buy this stuff, and this is one of those wines. This is world class Chilean cabernet. I’m telling you folks, this has got all the ingredients of a great cabernet from Chile. It’s got the camphor, it’s got the berries, it’s got the leather, it’s got the cedar, it’s got it all. It’s a state grown. It means it’s grown on a property. It’s a reservoir from Caliterra Winery to 2009. I don’t know how to explain it anymore. It’s such a good value, and we have plenty. The nose is just full of Cassis’ berries and it’s got that cedar sort of, and then there’s a faint hint of eucalyptus camphor which is really typical of Chile, to that vegetal care here is so good, layers and layers of fruit, lots of dark fruit and berries and dried cranberries, long finish, still tasting it, no bitterness, a little of acid that’s going to give us some length and sometime in the bottle as it ages. It is a screw cap but this wine is really good. It is one of the best values I think I’ve had, really, in a long time. You must try this. It’s guaranteed. If you don’t like it, I’ll replace it with something you do like or give you your money back, either way. But you’re going to be disappointed if you miss this one folks. Cheers!

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