Bianco Alcamo, 1980 – Fiumefreddo

by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | January 1982

The island of Sicily, (the football at the tip of the shoe of Italy) is our visit for tasting an import this month. Famous for the active volcano Mt. Etna on its east coast, the northwest portion of the island is crowned by the gulf of Castelmare, above the province of Trapani. Extensive vineyards exist here for producing a neutral white wine used as a base for making Italian Vermouth on the mainland. Attempts by local growers to estab­lish their own appellation resulted in their own D.O.C. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata = Controlled Denomination of Origin) of Alcamo, which is the name of a town in the center of this growing region. Over the years the nature and quality of the wine has improved, and is now worth looking at more seriously. The Fiumefreddo winery in Alcamo made this particular cuvee and vintage of white Alcamo for the consortium of growers. Most export wines from this area are regionally labeled. There will be variations in quality from one producer to another.

White Alcamo is made from 80% or more Catarr­atto grape, and not more than 20% of Trebbiano, Damaschino, and Grecanico. It is required by D.O.C. to have not less than 11.5% alcohol. Traditionally it is low in aroma, light, dry, crisp, but soft; an easy drinking light wine of low acidity.

Our Fiumfreddo Alcamo is faint light yellow in color. The nose has a low intensity fragrance that stays with you. If the wine warms up in your glass, it emits a vanilla aroma. The nose demon­strates an assertive “sweetness”, yet the wine is not sweet at all. Further, it has an “Italian” nose. (I will be picked on for this adjective). The wine has medium body, dry, with low acid but not flabby. Vanilla comes through in the taste in a dry way. It has a delicate lasting flavor. A buy for the price. Serve well chilled with green olive salad or olive hors d’oeuvres, light sauteed seafood entrees, or broiled lobster.

CELLARING NOTES: Drink young, up to 3 years old.

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