Adventures in Eating: Vegetarian Burritos

It seems like everybody I know is on a diet. Now that bath­ing suit weather is here, I’ve lost my “In and Out Burger Buddies”. The friends who once accompa­nied me to every juicy burger joint in town are now either at the gym, or guzzling Slim Fast like it’s go­ing out of style.

Don’t get me wrong, going to the gym is a good thing. We should all exercise more. After a good work out, food simply tastes better! (Only I could make a link between eating and exercise!) It’s true. Exercise cleans our minds and gets our stomachs craving something good for us. Herein lies the problem. What tastes good and is good for us, too? The min­ute I hear the word diet I feel de­prived. I think of all the things I can’t and shouldn’t be eating. I daydream about fudge cake, and pocini mushrooms with cream over pasta.

There is a way out of this diet­er’s dilemma. The next time you go on a diet, create a list of deli­cious things you can eat. Foods low in calories and fat, but high in flavor! Like a bowl of red, ripe strawberries, or a baked potato doused with salsa. Then, next time your stomach growls with hunger, you can pick whatever you want from your diet list. You won’t feel so deprived, and you’ll look better in that bathing suit. 

Oh! One more thing. Add this recipe for “vegetarian burritos” to ­your list of delicious low fat an low calorie foods! It was created by a friend of mine, and has be­come quite a hit in my circle of “thin” friends! Bon Appetite and Bon Diet!


4 servings:
4 large 12 inch flour tortillas
1 cucumber, peeled and diced
3/4 cup red onion, diced
1 large tomato, diced low calorie mayonnaise tobasco

Place tortillas over a gas or electric burner until just beginning to brown. Turn over and lightly brown on the other side, too. Spread a little mayonnaise on each tortilla. Put equal portions of the diced vegetables in the center of each burrito and sprinkle with to­basco. Roll up like a burrito and enjoy! (Be creative and experi­ment with different fillings! Make sure that they are low calorie and low fat!)

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