2015 October


This wine has an aroma and flavor of the oak that is aging.    

Tightly Knit

Tightly knit wines are young wines with excellent tannin levels and a good acidity level. This young wines need to be aged to be fully developed.


This is a negative term that describe wines as being diluted and watery. It lacks bouquet and body in the wine.


This type of wine has low acidity and has a rich and flavor concentrated wines that are delicious.  


This is the overall feel of the wine in your mouth. It can range from smooth and silky to rough and hard.  


This is the ability to show the different elements that make up the flavor of the wine such as fruit or floral.


This is a measure of how much grapes will be needed to produce 1,000 bottles of wine.  


A sense of the charred or smoky flavor and smell from an oaked fermented wine.  


A negative term used to describe an old wine that has passed their prime taste.  


This is a premature wine that is not ready to be drink yet. The taste is very hard because of the high levels of tannins. Some technique to bring out the flavors for tight wines is through decanting.