2015 September


This term is subjective to person’s taste. The dryness refers to the residual sugar that is left after it has fermented out. It is the opposite of sweet wines.

Double Decanting

This process is when a wine is decanting in the decanter. The bottle is then rinsed with water and quickly repairing the wine back into the bottle.

Diurnal Shift

This term refers to the extreme shift of high temperature and low temperature. It commonly applies to the regions with high altitudes, which experiences the most temperature shifts from highs during the day and lows at night. The high temperature helps with making the grapes riper and adds more sugar. The low temperature helps increase… read more »


A wine that have off aromas and flavors which is most likely caused by poor maintenance during the fermentation of bottling stage. This is a very negative character and it refers that the wine is dirty.


The wines become diffused when they are served too hot/warm temperature. The smell becomes unfocused because it was diluted from the warm conditions.


Deep wines are characterized as concentrated and rich. It contains full extract and fulfilling flavor.


Dense wines are wines that show the concentrated flavor elements. These wines are bold and heavy. The term “dense” can either be positive or negative. On some wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, it is considered a positive characteristics. In other wines, it is considered negative because it implies that it is impaired.


A wine that contains several flavors but none are strong or bold. The acidity and tannins will not be noticed. It does not contain the rough and harsh elements of wine. As a result, the fruits and alcohol can surface smoothly. Delicate wine are typically found in white wine.


The pouring of the wine into another container. The purpose of decanting is to filter out the remains from the older red wine and to aerate the younger ones to bring out their flavor and aroma.


A wine that is loaded with lavish fruit and bouquet with plump. It also has a smooth and elegant texture that can create a very delicious wine.